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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Topography of Terror

Since I have started talking about the Nazis, in reponse to what Rick Steves, said, I may as well go on with this theme. In fact, Berlin has a number of moving museums dealing with the Nazi era and the German resistance. Outside of Germany few people know anything about the resistance, yet it was very real and involved a lot of Christians. One place to see is the Topographie des Terror (Top­ography of Terror Museum), Prinz-Albrecht-Gelände.

This is situated on the site of the former State Secret Police and State Security Center of the Gestapo and SS. It contains graphic details about the fate of Germans who resisted the Nazi dictatorship. Here you will learn that, contrary to popular opinion, most of the opposition to the Nazis came from either Christians or conservatives. The Nazis prided themselves in being able to “turn” Communists and other left-wing opponents. But Christians stood firm against the tyranny and often lost their lives in the process.

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